What is the Natural Treatment Option?

While there are many different theories about the best course of treatment for autism, most professionals agree that the earlier treatment begins, the better the chances are that the child will be helped.

    1. Educational and therapeutic approaches

These include specialized education as well as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, sensory integration, behavior modification and speech therapy. Depending on the symptoms and the areas of developmental delay, these therapies can be extremely effective and can be combined into the overall treatment plan. The earlier they are begun the better the chances of improvement. It is important to realize that none of these therapies are ‘quick fixes’ and need perseverance over a long period of time.

    1. Dietary intervention

There are indications that certain vitamins and mineral supplements may improve functioning in autistic people. While there is some disagreement regarding this amongst medical professionals, many parents have reported marked improvements after a program of nutritional supplements. There are also a number of clinical studies which strongly support the use of vitamin and mineral supplementation in the treatment of autism and have demonstrated significant improvement.

As nutrition is such a vital ingredient in brain development, it stands to reason that supplementation may have a positive benefit, although this would vary from individual to individual. Some experts have gone as far as to suggest that certain cases of autism could be as a result of nutritional deficiencies or malabsorption of nutrients from the diet. The subject is a very complex one and outside the scope of this discussion.

There are also suggestions that autistic symptoms can be caused as a result of malabsorption and intolerances to certain foodstuffs, especially dairy products and gluten contained in wheat and grain products. Some parents have reported remarkable changes after the elimination of these foodstuffs from the diets of their autistic children.


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